What can the TESLA 4000 do for you?


At Power Plant Electrical Technologies we have a reputation with our clients that spans across the entire spectrum of electrical engineering. From conceptual designs, product supply, manufactured solutions, installations and commissioning, to after sales service and support – we have a proven track record across all disciplines of electrical engineering and system integration.

We are proud to be partnered up with ERL Phase Technologies as the sole supplier of their products into Africa and the Middle East. One such product, the TESLA 4000, is a state of the art power monitoring unit enabled with IEC 61850 protocol to provide wide area monitoring of multi-time frame digital faults. The TESLA digital fault recorder has 256 virtual inputs operating IEC 61850 GOOSE messages.

This allows you to use this product in multiple scenarios to monitor your power quality. Say for instance, your plant is using biomass to produce your own electricity for the plant’s own use, essentially feeding itself. You will still rely on the utility to provide power to the plant, should any faults arise in your own energy production process. However, how do you know what the power quality is at all times within your energy system that is complimented by power from the grid?

The TESLA 4000 is a complete solution to monitor incoming and outgoing power. In the event of a fault, the TESLA 4000 can make use of its 36 analogue inputs and 64 digital inputs to capture potentially damaging occurrence in your system at up to 384 samples per cycle. This makes the TESLA capable of trending as a DCS and more. This makes fault finding, fault investigations and maintenance schedules a simple task, removing the guesswork from the equation. Generating reports to test power quality and power demand is invaluable when dealing with utility power supply or identifying necessary maintenance. Downtime becomes downsized thanks to reducing nuisance trips, ­streamlining protection grading.

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