To our Clients, Suppliers and other Stakeholders

As everyone is aware, we are all experiencing a unique and unsettling situation in our country and worldwide, the likes of which our generation has never seen. The situation is mostly out of our individual control, but with our joint contribution to the National Response Plan, as announced by our State President, we may be able to limit or curb the effect of this disaster.

PPE Technologies is not an essential services business but does provide service and support to numerous businesses and industries that are regarded as essential services. With the information we have at hand, we understand that as of 24H00 on Thursday 26th March, we will be required to go into lockdown with the rest of the country.

We are putting measures in place in an attempt to minimize the impact to our customers, and we remain available to support essential services customers with technical support and/or equipment on a breakdown or call-out basis, to the extent that the law permits. Unfortunately, with some of our projects, we do expect delays and where possible, we will avoid these delays. I do however expect that we may have to call Force Majeure in some instances.

The health and safety of our employees and our community are of primary importance to us, and we endeavor to find a balance between maintaining a responsible business, servicing our customers and keeping our employees safe.

We have already noted several disturbing developments and we are doing all that we can to be proactive and to mitigate these challenges. Our observations are summarized as follows.

–              Source factories have raised the alarm that manufacturing capacity and ability to deliver are impacted.
–              The significant deterioration in the value of the rand may well impact standard price list pricing levels and right now, we will stay abreast of this situation and inform our customers as we become aware of any changes.
–              With travel restrictions and no international air travel permitted, we may not be able to attend to warrantee matters with the same level of haste as usual.

Note that our company does have a large stock holding of equipment and materials and we endeavor to use this stock as a buffer against supply delays or constraints. This stock will still be available to our customers at present pricing levels and we will service essential services, customers, from this stock holding as best we can.

Our management team remains committed to deal with this situation, to the best of our ability, and remains focused on providing a responsible and competent service to our customers. Unfortunately, with these unique and difficult times, I feel that some measure of disappointment will be unavoidable, no matter how hard we try.

Please take care of your selves, families and your work colleagues as we all navigate through these unique and difficult times.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to raise them to us through your normal contact at PPE Technologies, or to a member of our management team.

Yours truly,

Mitch McAllister – Managing Director Power Plant Electrical Technologies