Renewable Energy Solutions

Our mission is to supply complete and affordable off-grid, grid-tied and hybrid solar power solutions.

All our offerings require specialist engineering for your application to save you money and put you in control of your energy usage.

Our industry grade products for your utility, business, and home, are available in stock.

Grid-tied Solutions

Our range of solar PV solutions to help you save money on your power bill range from 3kW’s and up. Larger industrial solutions for medium enterprises that utilize most of their energy during the day are utilizing grid-tied systems to become more energy efficient and sustainable. Determined by what requirements you have in mind, we have pre-selected solutions for your small business or home.

Please download our guides below:

Grid-tied Solutions

Hybrid-tied Solutions (Lithium batteries)

Household Solar – Load Calculator

Solar Pumping Solutions

PPE Technologies Supplies the complete range of solar driven Variable speed drives ranging from as small as 350W up to large 18kW motors. The Solar drive range is available for single and three phase applications and there is no reason to replace your existing pump, motor or even cables as the Variable solar drive will only replace your existing Motor Starter.

In remote areas where power is not available, the drive can be run from solar power only, but the option exist where utility power is available, to switch back to Utility power during the days when the sun is not shining. Being an Authorized Value provider for ABB, we are able to supply Industrial grade equipment at affordable prices.

Variable speed drives are the most cost effective way of starting and running electrical motors. An electric motor can draw up to 8 times its normal running current when starting. Being able to start at a very low speed and increasing the speed steadily, eliminates this high power consumption. The major advantage of the variable speed drive is that by running a motor at only 80% of its rated speed will save you up to 40% of your power usage (depending on your motors efficiency).

To keep the overall investment cost even lower, PPE has designed various install it yourself kits that will allow the end user to do the installation them self, or to make use of his own trusted contractor to do the installation. Our team of electrical engineers will initially assist the client to ensure the correct products are selected right from the start and they will also be available at standard call out rates to assist with the final setup and commissioning of the units.

Features of the PPE Solar Pump Drive Kit:

Complete DIY convert kit including Solar Panels, Solar Stand, Variable Speed Drive and all the DC cabling required.

Support both Single and three phase motors

Completely off the grid or option to change between Utility

Power and solar (Day/Night auto switch option)

Options available for manual or Remote Starting and stopping

Options available for adding additional backup from batteries

Equally efficient for swimming pool pumps and irrigation applications

Free System Sizing

Modularized Solutions

The PPE Technologies modularized solar solution is the solution for any Stand-alone application in areas where utility power is not available or unstable. The Pre-assembled Solar Container can be erected in a few minutes to allow the user power deployment in a very short period of time. With additional Generator back-up input for periods when the sun does not shine, the unit functions as a hybrid solution for multiple applications.

From remote emergency mother base during disaster management to permanently installed classrooms, libraries, internet café’s, diners, or portable desalination plants, the modularized Solar Power Pack can be deployed anywhere in Africa and with the adjustable solar arrays, will supply optimum power regardless of location. The range of containerized solutions are available from a 1.5kW to a 10kW, single-phase, PV grid-tie inverter system connected to a battery inverter which allows uninterrupted operation to as much as 8 hours depending on the size of inverter and Battery back-up combinations. Energy generated from the sun is fed directly into the containers internal electrical system during the day, while excess solar energy is stored in the battery bank – to be used at a later stage during the day.

System features:

Single-phase output up to 10kW AC

Available energy production of up to 21kWh per day (1.5kW Inverter)

DIY Self Assembly (Most components are pre-assembled)

Inverters and batteries pre-assembled inside a secure room in the container

Up to 2 independent MPPT trackers

Built-in DC disconnect switch

Kit components:

Inverters, batteries and solar panels

Complete mounting structure kit

Pre-insulated Container with two single entry doors and windows

Air conditioned options available

LED lighting and fire protection