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Project Description

Estimated Project Value

 Sappi Ngodwana South Africa  Power Boiler Flame Safety System  R 1,800,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana South Africa  Compressor House Automation & Air Dryer Installations  R 4,000,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana South Africa  No 2 Recovery Gas Igniter Conversion for Oil Burners  R 400,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana South Africa  LVHC Gas System Improvements  R 600,000.00
 Samancor South Africa  Middelburg Electrical & Instrumentation installation  R10,500,000.00
 Usutu Pulp Mill Swaziland  MV Reticulation Upgrade & Dip Mitigation Reactor  R 6,000,000.00
 Usutu Pulp Mill Swaziland  Artritor MV Motor Upgrade Mechanical, Elect. & Control  R 2,200,000.00
 Usutu Pulp Mill Swaziland  Power Generation & Power Station up-grade  R 120,000,000.00
 Usutu Pulp Mill Swaziland  Automation of Industrial Plant & Industrial Power Station  R 41,000,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana South Africa  Bought out Chips Proj. Elect., Instrumentation & Control  R 5,900,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana South Africa  Lime Kiln Precipitator Electrical & Control  R 1,700,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana South Africa  Site Electrical Engineering & Construction Contract  R 6,000,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana South Africa  Site Instrument Engineering & Construction Contract  R 3,000,000.00
 Petrochem South Africa  PE Instrumentation Installation  R 11,291,000.00
 Petrochem South Africa  Witbank General Lighting Installation  R 606,333.00
 Sappi Ngodwana South Africa  March 2003 Shut  R 3,000,000.00
 Jansenville Municipality South Africa  MV and LV Network up-grade  R 5,239,387.00
 Usutu Pulp Mill Swaziland  MV Reticulation Upgrade Phase 3A  R 2,700,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana South Africa  Protection & Control Systems for HV, MV Substations  R16,000,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana South Africa  Earthing Rectification at Ngodwana  R 1,100,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana South Africa  Flame Safety System PLC Upgrade & Conversion  R 2,000,000.00
 Siemens SA LTD South Africa  Mondi DC Drive Upgrade  R 1,800,000.00
 ASA Metals South Africa Design, Engineering & Installation of 20 MVA supply reticulation, upgrade substation  R 15,000,000.00
 DRC DRC  E&I New Diesel Installation  R 5,239,002.00
 Energem SA South Africa  Due diligence  audit of an Oil Filled Peaking Power Station  R1,600,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana Mill South Africa  CRF No 1 MCC Upgrade  R 2,500,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana Mill South Africa  CRF No 1 Burner Management, & Auxiliary Plant  R 5,000,000.00
 Umnotho weSizwe South Africa  Design, engineering and Installation for the supply reticulation  R 25,000,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana Mill South Africa  Greel Liquor Filter Electrical and Instrumentation  R 3,800,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana Mill South Africa  Steam Stripper and Lime Kiln Burner Management System  R 2,200,000.00
 Usutu Pulp Mill Swaziland  Medium Voltage Electrical Reticulation Upgrade Phase 3B  R 4,300,000.00
 ABB South Africa South Africa  Utility Plant Earthing Investigation and Rectification  R 1,200,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana Mill South Africa  Power Boiler Flame Safety System Risk Assessment & Upgrade  R 2,300,000.00
 Siemens SA Namibia  Uranum Pump Station Namibia  R 4,504,288.00
 Sappi Ngodwana South Africa  Medium Voltage LCI Variable Speed Drive Control Upgrade  R 7,000,000.00
 Stratcor Vametco South Africa  Boiler Automation and Instrumentation Upgrade x 3  R 1,200,000.00
 Mooihoek Mine South Africa  Phase 2 up-grade  R 17,933,152.00
 TSB Komati Mill South Africa  Boiler & Process Plant Instrumentation and Electrical Installation  R 4,000,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana Mill South Africa  Supply & Install Panels, Cable, Communications Networks and Instrumentation  R 20,000,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana Mill South Africa  Burner Management System Risk Assessment and Upgrade  R 1,750,000.00
 Eskom Power Stations South Africa  Kriel and Majuba Power Station Hydrogen Skids  R 500,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana South Africa  HV and MV reticulation Metering Instrumentation Network and Interface  R 4,500,000.00
 CMI Xstrata Lydenburg South Africa  Oxygen Plant MV electrical reticulation design and installation  R 3,500,000.00
 Sonae Novoboard South Africa  Earthing design and installation for new process plant  R 2,000,000.00
 SA Wood Chemicals South Africa  Electrical Infrastructure and Control Instruments  R 1,400,000.00
 Lafarge Alberton South Africa  Electrical Infrastructure, Cables, racking and installation  R 2,000,000.00
 Mbombelo Municipality South Africa  Anderson Street MV cable and Switchgear upgrade  R 2,500,000.00
 Samancor Middelburg South Africa  Electrical & Instrumentation Installation Samancor Cr Middelburg Ferrochrome  R 15,500,000.00
 Sappi Ngodwana Mill South Africa  KLB DCS Upgrade  R 16,500,000.00
 Sappi Usutu Swaziland  Project Injala & Recovery Furnace Upgrade  R 34,500,000.00
 Siemens SA Ltd South Africa  Witbank – Transnet Telecontrol Upgrade Project  R 8,000,000.00
 Mondi Felixton South Africa  ENI PM3 Upgrade  R 7,100,000.00
 Mbombelo J/V South Africa  2010 Mbombelo Stadium Electrification  R 15.500,000.00
 Nampak Rosslyn South Africa  PM3 Machine pneumatic piping installation  R 4,500,000.00
 Mbombelo Municipality South Africa  New Montana Switching Station-Switchgear & Cable Installation  R 2,160,000.00
 Basil Read South Africa  Traffic control center  R 10,800,000.00
 Siemens SA Ltd Namibia  3 x Pump stations for Uranium project Namibia  R 7,500,000.00
 Steval engineering DRC  2 x Petrochem depots in DRC  R 7,500,000.00
 EXARRO South Africa  Grootegeluk Mine energy saving Engineering and Installation  R 4,500,000.00
 DRC Kolwezi DRC  Fuel Storage Depot, EPC for Electrical & Controls  R 1,100,000.00
 DRC Lubumbashi DRC  Fuel Storage Deport, EPC for Electrical and Controls  R 1,100,000.00
 Transnet South Africa  Fuel Storage Deport in Witbank, Supply and Construct  R 6,142,000.00
 Transnet South Africa  Fuel Storage Deport in Pretoria, Supply and Construct  R ,142,000.00
 Sappi Usutu Swaziland  Turpentine Area Hazardous areas assess and reticulation  R 4,871,900.00
 RSSC Simunye Swaziland  Distillery (Ethanol Fuel) Installation  R 240,000.00
 Spoornet South Africa  Fuel Depot Instrumentation Installation  R 250,000.00
 Katanga Mine DRC  DRC Power Factor Correction Equipment  R 13,284,339.00
 Katanga Mine DRC  DRC 15 kV Switchboard  R 5,293,094.00
 Woodchem SA South Africa  LPS Installation in Urea Formaldehyde Storage Depot  R 450,000.00
 Katanga Mining DRC  Network modeling package SNEL incomer to Kadi substation  R 21,200,000.00
 Transnet South Africa  Richards Bay Harbour Earthing Installation  R 5,000,000.00
Glencore DRC  Katanga Mining Upgrade  R 50,000,000.00
Glencore DRC  Katanga Mining Upgrade  R 200,000,000.00