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Is Solar the way to go?

Load shedding is here to stay for the time being, with unpredictable scheduling and lengths. With Eskom’s tariffs ranking up, it’s only a matter of time for South Africa to go solar or have some sort of back-up power system in place.

Power Plant Electrical Technologies has addressed energy efficiency in multiple plants and operations across Africa for 20 years. Our Head Office in Mbombela South Africa used 202 838.41 KwH in 2018. Thanks to our internal investment and in-house engineering capabilities, we installed a 76kW grid-tied solar array on the roof of the facility. This saved us approximately 40% of our energy utility bill for the year.

Why Solar, or even a Back-up Power System you ask?

With our Hybrid and Grid-tied Solar survival kits, the energy that is generated from the sun is fed directly onto the house/building’s internal electrical grid during the day. Excess solar energy is then stored in the battery bank – to be used during a later stage of the day. This ensures a small amount of back-up power during a power failure.

If solar is not a option for you – don’t worry. We can provide you with a back-up power system which requires no solar panels, are ECO-friendly and non-polluting. When the power fails, there is a INSTANT switch-over from mains to battery power. Even better, this is a compact unit with a built-in inverter-charger that sits unobtrusively in your living space, primed for action. You will never be in the dark!

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