load shedding and lightning strikes

January can mean a lot of things. Eish-kom, and load shedding! A long, difficult month, where you need to save every penny after an overly festive December break. An inspiring, fresh start to a new year ripe with possibility. Summer storms that blast your electrical equipment. Eskom’s increasing tariffs and new load shedding schedules. Unbearable heat and humidity in the southern hemisphere. A new school year investment. Yup, without proper planning and solutions to challenges, January can be a tricky trail to traverse.

South African summers can be brutal, with an average temperature climate of 30 degrees Celsius between October and April. And that is if you live in the cooler parts of the country. Considering the unbearable heat during the summer months, most offices have the luxury of air-conditioning. This keeps their employees from rioting in heat rage. As a plus point, cooler temperatures increase productivity and creativity in the office environment.

Energy Efficiency and Solar beats load shedding

Power Plant Electrical Technologies has addressed energy efficiency in multiple plants and operations across Africa for 20 years. Our Head Office in Mbombela South Africa used 202 838.41 KwH in 2018. Thanks to our internal investment and in-house engineering capabilities, we installed a 76kW grid-tied solar array on the roof of the facility. This saved us approximately 40% of our energy utility bill for the year.

Our building automation system recording this information while automatically switching off power to heavy electrical consumption equipment after hours, we are able to:

  • reduce high power usage during summer
  • off-balance your maximum demand from Eskom
  • remove the productivity loss of load shedding
  • see a return on investment from as little as a 7 year payback period for the solar system depending on the size based on utility savings

Earthing and Lightning Protection Services

What good is a great system without protection? Power Plant Electrical Technologies is the only company accredited with UL96A certification in Africa and the Middle-East. This accreditation is one of the highest grading levels of the design and installation of an Earthing and Lightning Protection System. We are partners with some of the best names in the industry, namely DEHN, ABB, Phoenix Contact and Clearline.

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