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Largest ABB Channel Partner in Southern Africa. ABB Drives.

The 2019 ABB Motion Channel Partner conference took place during the month of October in Palermo, Sicily (Italy).   The event brought together ABB staff and channel partners from all over Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.  The main purpose of this event was to give ABB the opportunity to showcase their technology and business strategies for 2020 (with the focus on channel partners). The event also provided the opportunity for channel partners to meet and liaise with ABB Motion top management. Steve Ruddell (Global Sales and Marketing Manager) emphasized the importance of the ABB channel partner program and commented: “if the channel partners fail, ABB fails.”

The theme for the conference was: “Innovate, Activate and Accelerate” which was linked to the ABB Fourth Industrial Revolution drive, of which the ABB Ability™ forms the focal point. The ABB Ability™ digital powertrain is a suite of digital solutions including devices, software, and services which connects drives, motors, pumps and bearings and therefore taking uptime and productivity to new heights).  It combines connectivity and data analytics with ABB expertise to make customer’s operations efficient, predictable and safe. The digital powertrain components are equipped with sensors and cloud connectivity.  An application (APP) was launched by ABB that will provide engineers the highest probable failure points and fault-finding diagnosis from using the drive data logs.  Data insights gained from the powertrain enables customers to be better connected with their assets and make even better decisions to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations.

Other Highlights

  • ABB to launch integrated motor/drive combinations in the USA during 2020 with the CE version to follow within the next two years.
  • A new channel partner portal expected to be launched early 2020 which will allow channel partners easy access to ABB drive tools as well as business-on-line (one point of entry). This is aimed to simplify the partner’s interface with ABB and empower the partners to have information more readily available.
  • Soft Starter keypad to migrate towards the Drive keypad and technology with the view of “ability” as the core driver.
  • PPE was recognized as the Number 1 ABB Southern Africa Channel Partner.  It was an honour to receive this award on behalf of the PPE Technologies Clan – the result and proof of great TEAMWORK and TEAM SPIRIT. Thank you to each and everyone for making it happen.
Largest ABB Southern Africa Channel Partner Award
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