Earthing and Lightning Protection Services

PPE Technologies provides earthing, lightning and surge protection investigations for all client sites. We identify lightning protection zones using risk assessments and soil resistivity (Wenner method). We can then design and install earth electrodes, earth networks, equipotentialisation of earthing networks. Furthermore we specialise in installation of surge, transient and lightning protection equipment.

PPE Technologies Lightning Protection Systems can be independently verified by a Third-Party Certifier as meeting the installation requirements of UL/NFPA and IEC/SANS 62305 or other published Standards for LPS.

Installed Product complies with the requirement following nationally & internationally recognized Installation Standards for Lightning Protection Systems.

PPE Technologies can provide a UL Master Label Certificate from a Third Party Inspection Authority.

PPE Technologies LPS can help reduce insurance premiums for lightning damage, especially in regions where there is a documented high occurrence of lightning activity.

PPE Technologies will specify listed components and materials best suited for the features and design of the structure. We will minimize risk and damage, protect you from liability and downtime in the event of lightning damage.

Download our UL certification and information here:

Lightning Protection Certificate Services

UL Protection Brochure

UL Lightning Protection for Architects

UL Lightning Protection for Contractors


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Lightning strikes are a dangerous risk to your life, your business and your assets. In Africa, there are more lightning strikes annually per square kilometer than anywhere else in the globe.

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We provide lightning protection studies, system designs, surge protection devices, installations, earthing systems, everything you need for peace of mind.