Largest ABB Southern Africa Channel Partner

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Largest ABB Channel Partner in Southern Africa. ABB Drives. The 2019 ABB Motion Channel Partner conference took place during the month of October in Palermo, Sicily (Italy).   The event brought together ABB staff and channel partners from all over Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.  The main purpose of this event was to give ABB

Load Shedding Survival Kit

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Is Solar the way to go? Load shedding is here to stay for the time being, with unpredictable scheduling and lengths. With Eskom's tariffs ranking up, it's only a matter of time for South Africa to go solar or have some sort of back-up power system in place. Power Plant Electrical Technologies has addressed energy

Load Shedding, Lightning Strikes, Lekker Warm?

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January can mean a lot of things. Eish-kom, and load shedding! A long, difficult month, where you need to save every penny after an overly festive December break. An inspiring, fresh start to a new year ripe with possibility. Summer storms that blast your electrical equipment. Eskom’s increasing tariffs and new load shedding schedules. Unbearable

Keep your own lights on this festive season

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Keep your own lights on! Power Plant Electrical Technologies are service providers and sellers of products and services to help you take charge of your own power. We supply and install a range of power saving modules and automated products for you to monitor and reduce energy usage for your home or business. Contact

Instrumentation: Pressure and Laser Specials

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Instrumentation: Pressure and Laser Specials Are you in the Power, Pulp & Paper, Metals, Mining or Water & Waste Water Industries? Instrumentation products are an important part of your business and processes! We know it, and you know it! As Gold Channel partner's of ABB Instrumentation products, we are proud to be offering massive

What can the TESLA 4000 do for you?

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  At Power Plant Electrical Technologies we have a reputation with our clients that spans across the entire spectrum of electrical engineering. From conceptual designs, product supply, manufactured solutions, installations and commissioning, to after sales service and support – we have a proven track record across all disciplines of electrical engineering and system integration. We

VSD Services

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Services for energy efficiency – VSD’s Power Plant Electrical Technologies became a channel partner of ABB products almost a decade ago. Since then, we quickly became the largest stock holder of ABB VSD’s in sub-Saharan Africa. And with that, our professionals became accredited through ABB to provide multiple services to help our customers. Our

The Health of the Workplace

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Movement and diet is evidently becoming the heralded reasons for communicable and non-communicable disease. Research in South Africa shows that the in the past 9 years, government have spent R23 billion in preventative and treatment action for lifestyle diseases associated with obesity. South Africa is ranked as the highest obesity rate in sub-saharan Africa, and

Sustainability – Business of the Future

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The nascent idea of human development has rapidly changed the world, and with it, the environment. From the beginning of technological advancement with the discovery of fire, simple tools, the wheel, developing to nuclear weapons, and moon landings, we have grown as a global population to approximately 7.6 billion people (1). This is a

Africa Project Pursuits

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The Reveal: Africa Project Pursuits With the ongoing development of Projects on the African continent in infrastructure, mining, agriculture, and industrial processing factories, the need for electrical product and services are ever growing in demand. Thus, the initiative of a combination of South African based companies