Automate your world

We Service:

• Mining

• Chemical plants

• Petrochemical (oil) and refineries

• Boiler controls and Power systems

• Environmental control systems

• Water management systems

• Metallurgical process plants

• Sugar refining plants

• Utilities

• Commercial solar renewables

• Food and Beverage

• Pump stations

• Marine

Industry grade products and solutions for your application:

• PLC’s

• HMI’s


• Telementry

• Networking

• Reporting Systems

• Data Logging

• Remote Monitoring

We also integrate systems across multiple platforms, including:

• Siemens

• Allen Bradley Rockwell Automation

• Phoenix Contact



We provide Programmable logic control (PLC) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system solutions to ensure the desired operation and monitoring for any plant or machinery applications. Some of our implemented systems include, substation monitoring and control, conveyor systems, mining both above and below ground, generator monitoring and automatic changeover, marine vessel power and propulsion systems, process control applications and machinery. We specialize with ABB manufactured equipment, using the AC500-Eco and AC500 ranges of controllers and Zenon SCADA system.

ABB PLCs support a wide range of industrial networking protocols, from profibus, profinet, devicenet, Modbus RTU,Modbus TCP and CS31.


We pride ourselves on high standards and good programming practices. We provide full solutions, leaving our customers with staff trained on the operation of the implemented systems, and full data packs (electrical, instrumentation and control drawings) of the system.