The Reveal: Africa Project Pursuits

With the ongoing development of Projects on the African continent in infrastructure, mining, agriculture, and industrial processing factories, the need for electrical product and services are ever growing in demand. Thus, the initiative of a combination of South African based companies have culminated in the concept of the Africa Project Pursuits team.

It can be said that the international market is becoming more competitive and with the presence of various manufacturers and service providers in Africa, the need for South Africa to rise to the occasion of increasing our exports is now.

Power Plant Electrical Technologies in collaboration with Strutfast, have discussed the prospective opportunities for growth in our proudly South African products and services for export.

As members of the SAEEC (South African Electrotechnical Export Council) our companies are considering partnering up and forming an Africa Project Pursuits team to bring a more holistic Electrical product and services offering to the African market.

Having stated the above it can be said that the reasoning for our companies partnering with the SAEEC are to increase our exports with the support mechanisms offered by the council as below:

  • Providing access to quality market information
  • Assistance in specific trade export missions
  • Understanding and levering Government incentives and funding
  • Trade statistics and product analysis
  • Levering funding for specific trade missions
  • Capitalizing on combined strengths

We believe that with the collaboration between our organizations and the capitalization of our individual expertise we can exponentially grow our exports and have a positive impact on the growth of the South African economy, in alignment with the 2030 Export growth target objective as envisaged by the National Development Plan.

PPE and Strutfast exhibiting at the Africa Energy Indaba 2018 as the newly formed “Africa Projects Pursuit” team.

The concept has received support from the SAEEC, and with their assisted market intelligence the Africa Project Pursuits team will begin to identify imminent opportunities in specific countries and market segments. Trade missions will be developed as they come, and all members of the SAEEC will be promoted through this combined effort to promote South African exports. The trips will be partially funded by all parties involved, in a cost sharing exercise that is accountable and transparent. All members of the team will be measured according to specific KPA’s:

Key Performance Areas

  • Participation of organizations forming Africa Project Pursuits (measured in meetings attended, trips attended and response to action items per organization)
  • Funding granted for specific trade missions (measured in percentage of funds contributed towards total capital cost)
  • Meeting attendance with prospective clients (percentage of meetings able to attend vs total amount confirmed)
  • Trade mission export success hit rate (quotations submitted vs orders received)

The word United is defined as “joined together, for a common purpose, or by common feelings”.

As South African Businesses it is our responsibility to ensure that we work in harmony to ensure growth of our economy, working towards a positive future for our country and leaving a legacy for the children of South Africa.

With the implementation of this initiative it can be said that we are taking the first step to a United front towards further growth in export of proudly South African products and services.

“I look forward to working closer with the SAEEC and the Africa Project Pursuits team in a more collaborative manner and only hope that this initiative will achieve a more efficient and effective approach to the export market and bring us that step closer to “UNITY”.”

Jarrod McAllister

Business Development Manager

Power Plant Electrical Technologies